Dry Aging!

What is Dry Aging?


Dry aging is a process by which beef is left to hang in a refrigerated cooler at a specific temperature for anywhere from 10 to 20 days prior to cutting the animal.

What happens during dry aging is that the natural enzymes and proteins begin to break down which tenderizes the fibrous connective tissues in the muscles.  This results in a much more flavorful, tender cut of meat.

Prior to the advent of modern vacuum packing and cost cutting techniques, all beef was dry aged (those sides of beef “Rocky” used to train with  in the movie were dry aging.)

Dry aging results in as much as 20% loss of saleable meat and costs more to process because of the amount of space and time it is taking up “hanging around” the processing plant.

Only the highest end steak houses incur the necessary expense to offer dry aged beef!  

We dry age all of our beef for at least 16 days and have great customer feedback on the tenderness and flavor of the beef.