Availability and Pricing



Our herd currently yields about a dozen certified organic animals for market each year.   While the bulk of our production capacity is committed to a loyal following of annual subscribers, we generally have a handful of slots available throughout the year allowing opportunity for new customers to get in the rotation for a regular supply.  Please check in with us regularly to see if we happen to have an extra box available now or in the near future for your family to enjoy.

What is included in each box?

Each box is about 38-41 lbs and contains 1/8 of a steer. Specifically, you can expect the following:

      ~8-9 lbs of steak including 2 Fillets, 2 Delmonicos, 2 NY Strips, 1 Sirloin, 1 Sirloin Tip        Steak and a few short ribs 

      ~9-10 lb roasts including 1 Chuck roast, 1 Rump roast, 1 Top Round Roast

      ~3 one pound packages of stew cubes 

      ~17-19 lbs of ground beef in 1 lb plastic tubes

Freezer space - the entire 40lb box is about 12" x 11.5" x 17" so it comes to just under 1.5 cubic feet of total freezer space.  A standard fridge freezer generally has about 4 cubic feet of total storage capacity.

Each cut is individually sealed in high quality vacuum packaging labeled for easy identification, and flash frozen.  

Pricing and Current Availability:

Please use our contact page and send us a quick email if you are interested in current pricing and availability. We do not have a farm store and all of our beef is pre-ordered and picked up at our home on the farm on scheduled dates.   Thank you so much!