About us

We are John & Margie Starr and we own and operate Starr Valley Farm.


Along with 5 wonderful kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 4 hermit crabs, some fish and some chickens, we are raising over 55 head of cattle. 

Our mission is to produce the very best beef we possibly can. We are focused on exclusively serving the Western Pennsylvania market prioritizing those in our region who are looking for a locally owned producer of food, from our family to yours. 

We invite all of our customers to tour the farm and gain a thorough understanding of how their food is being produced. We enjoy sharing what we have learned about sustainable agriculture as well as learning new things from nearly every family we meet. 

Our farm:

We purchased our farm in 2002 and figured out the best way to keep all that grass cut AND feed 5 children was to buy a few cows. As we learned more about grass-fed beef and the benefits, where our purchased food comes from and what really goes into what we put into our bodies, we decided to work the land naturally, get organic certification and grow our little hobby into a business that could benefit the community as well. 

As we are a small farm, we do not have a farm store as of yet (maybe some day when we retire from our day jobs!)  We pre-sell all animals in advance and our customers come to our home to pick up their beef.

Our farm also provides us with a fabulous opportunity to pry our kids away from video games and television and teach them about the rewards and benefits of good, old fashioned hard work. 

We are very proud of our efforts thus far and continue to learn and educate ourselves on maximizing the potential of our land and providing a safe, healthy food source to our growing base of loyal customers.  


For more information about us view an article by the Pittsburgh City Paper!